Sep 2, 2013

Kutch work using Herringbone stitch

               In my first post we talked about  kutch work using open cretan . As promised, in this post , will share my work, kutch work using "herringbone stitch" as base stitch.

kutch work using herringbone stitch
                When we use herringbone stitch as base stitch in kutch  work outcome is blunt finish. This method i personally like for bigger projects like cusion set, wall hanging, even for sarees.

kutch work using herringbone stitch
                      In this method i usually use six strands of thread, and even the design (diamonds) is big which suits for bigger project, which finishes the project soon enough.

kutch work using herringbone stitch

                        For a beginner, who just started to learn kutch work, i suggest to learn kutch work using open cretan as it is less confusing. Both method have its own richness.

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