Oct 10, 2013

Kutch Lesson 4, single motif

               We learnt lesson 1lesson 2 and lesson 3, basic kutch work. So lets try small motif as shown below.

Kutch basic motif

                        Draw motif as above picture. Start base stitch at point 1.

                  Follow picture and observe numbering,  proceed with base stitch.

                         Observe below picture, needle goes under the base thread.

                 Observe below picture, firstly needle goes under the base thread and secondly needle goes over the base thread.

                 Pay attention while ending base stitch, needle goes under the base thread at point 1.

single motif base stitch

                    Lets start with filling, as usual start just below point 1 and needle goes under the base stitch.

                     Its transition time, pay attention, from first left diamond needle passes through middle diamond and travels to upper diamond. Follow the path correctly  (Numbering helps , which path to follow).

                   While finishing upper diamond, observe first needle goes under base stitch ( purple thread) then over filling thread (red thread) and then below red thread and again over purple thread.

                       Again needle goes below purple thread ( base stitch), then over red thread (filling thread).

                     Proceed in same procedure for rest of the diamond.

                         Observe center diamond and needle positioning.

Single motif Kutch work

                            Here is finished single motif, observe each diamond filling for its correctness by applying golden rule. 


  1. Interesting post. I used to do kutch work using herringbone stitch. It seems using Cretan st is easier than that. Thanks for the tute.


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