Sep 19, 2013

Kutch work Lesson 1

         Let me start with very basic step in kutch work, my very first kutch tutorial, using open cretan as base stitch (interlaced open cretan). Firstly, basic 'single diamond'  using  'open cretan' stitch. So first lets learn 'open cretan' stitch.
Open Cretan stitch
                            As you can see, start from A, pick 4-5 threads of cloth at point B and come out at C, again pick 4-5 threads of cloth at D and come out at E. Observe while coming out at C and E, needle should be above the thread.
          Now draw a diamond like below picture

Draw diamond

               I usually take two strands of thread for base stitch and filling . Here i have taken 3 strands. Needle used is crewel 9 or 10.  Bring the needle out at point 1

Kutch work diamond

              Pick 4-5 threads of cloth, above point 2 as shown in below picture.

Base stitch done using open cretan

            Same way pick 4-5 threads of cloth as shown below at point 3

Base stitch open cretan

                 While ending at point 1, take needle below the thread as shown in picture and end above point 1.

                       Now here comes the golden rule of  kutch work, which followed correctly you can never go wrong.

Golden Rule

Consider the above line, point A and B. While doing kutch work
 " if point A is above the thread then point B should be below the thread and vice verse"
complete base stitch using open cretan
                                  Now apply golden rule to above diamond. Observe point 2 and 3. At point 2 , one end is above thread and at point 3, the other end is below the thread. Same way point 3 and 4. At point 3, one end is above the thread and at point 4, the other end is below the thread. So observe each point in a diamond 1,2,3,4. If one point is above the thread , the other point will be below the thread, which means base stitch is correctly done.

      Now start with filling step. Bring needle out , just below point 1 and close to base stitch as in above picture. Next bring needle below the base stitch as shown in below picture.

Filling stitch
 Bring needle below base stitch at point 2 as shown in below picture

                 Bring needle below base stitch (purple thread) and above filling stitch (orange thread)

             Repeat same step for entire diamond to get finished single diamond kutch

                    Important note , while ending observe needle in below picture, one thread(orange) is below needle and another thread(orange) is above the needle.

                 To end bring needle below the base stitch at point 1 and end exactly at starting point as shown in above picture.

Finished single diamond kutch
                   Observe inside of filling stitch , here also apply golden rule of kutch work, " if one end is above the thread then other end should be below the thread ".

                        While doing filling stitch, right tension of thread is important, whenever interlacing is done , don't pull thread too tight, it will spoil the shape and also stitch will not look good. Let the filling stitch (interlacing) be done bit freely , not too loose also.

        Same way try pentagon,

        Just following above steps in diamond work pentagon.

kutch pentagon      
                     For this tutorial purpose i used big diamond and pentagon, and less number of strands. Usually while doing kutch no gap should be seen in between filling. Below is the example

Kutch single diamond and pentagon
                  So all the best, hope you all enjoyed this basic first lesson kutch work tutorial.


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