Dec 7, 2013

Kutch work / Interlaced Herringbone 2

Kutch work / Interlaced Herringbone , we learnt base stitch. Lets start with filling part in this post.

Kutch work, filling stitch

                         Start at point 1 ( a little bit right side) as shown in above picture. Follow below three collage and complete with filling part.

1. Filling stitch

2. Filling stitch

3. Filling stitch

Finishing of filling stitch

                 While ending filling stitch, end exactly at starting point where we started.

Kutch work / Interlaced Herringbone

                         Since this design is quite big one, it can be worked on bedspreads, cushion sets, saree etc. So in this method i use six strands of threads, both for base stitch and filling part.

Tip:  while using six strands of threads, separate each strand and then re-Aline together and work. This gives fullness or filled look to the design.

While taking printout of this design , it should fit in A4 size paper length wise / vertically Or according your project wise adjust size of design. 

Some work, start this design from left hand side, as we did in this tutorial ( both base stitch and filling ) and some prefer to work from right hand side. Its believed that working from right hand side is easier. Try your style.  Well i prefer working from left hand side. Happy stitching !!!!!!

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