Nov 17, 2013

Macrame with Dorset Button

             Macrame is believed to be a form of textile making using different types of knots rather than weaving. Where as Chinese knot is decorative traditional knot began as handicraft art. Both are basically knots yet unique in their own way.


 Macrame with Dorset Button

                       This pattern in above picture is also called as " Mandala Flower ".  But to this i added Dorset button in center.

                        Dorset button are handmade buttons which became international business, but gradually declined as machine made buttons were introduced .

                       To make basic Dorset button, we require rings. It may be plastic, metal or wood. I have used plastic ring having diameter 1.5 cm.

Rings to make buttons

                       To start with, firstly start with casting the ring. I have used three strands of thread for casting. Tie a knot on ring as shown in below picture.

Casting a ring

                       Next work buttonhole stitch very closely around ring, make sure loops formed while working buttonhole stitch are facing inside ring as shown in below picture.

Casting with Buttonhole stitch

                    Finished casting using buttonhole stitch.

Casting using buttonhole stitch

                        Once casting is done around ring, next comes laying. Laying means, spokes to be added around ring as shown in below picture which looks like a wheel.


              Once laying is complete, work Ribbed Spider Web stitch around spokes as shown in below picture. Ribbed spider web stitch is like back stitch. Come out at center of spokes as shown in picture.
After half done, i have changed colour from orange to green.

Ribbed Spider Web stitch

                 Dorset button is ready !!!! After finishing Dorset button, Mandala flower is worked around this button.

Dorset button 

                             Keep watching for next post on macrame flower around dorset button.


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