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Fun Stitch !!!! Basket Weave with Open Cretan

Hi, i am back. Schools started and its time for me to start blogging.  All these days although i couldn't  do much of work, but .............but still kept doing my homework, in the sense, i came across few different types of embroidery which i had not heard much about them. Well its embroideries of Gujarat, apart from Kutch work, many other types of embroidery like Jat, Soof, Karaek, Rabari, Ahir, Pakko, Mutawa ..., etc. list goes so on. I will soon talk one by one on these types.

              Today's post " fun stitch" is influenced by Gujarat. Its very simple like basket weaving. Have a look at below picture!!!!!!

               Simple embellishment on a tunic and teamed up with kutch work.

            To begin, i simply draw guidelines as below        

                    Come out at point 1 and start working open cretan stitch on inside square ( same as base stitch in kutch daimond ).

             While ending first square at point 1, pass needle u…