Bullion Roses

             Hi there, off lately i had been drooling with "Bullion Embroidery". Below pattern is from A to Z stump work book, slightly altered to bullion work.

                Roses worked with bullion stitch, veins with stem stitch and little bit of french knots. Leaf with cretan stitch with two shades of green.

Bullion Work
Bullion Embroidery
           Happy Stitching !!!!


One more Tatted Collar

    Hello, a very " HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016", sorry i know, i am doing this bit late, buts its still January !!!.
Well 2015, i was not so actively blogging, hope to blog more this year. 

        Once again i am sharing one more tatted collar ( although i had finished this few months back ). I got this pattern through pinterest and not sure about designers. 

Tatted Collar

Tatted collar

Tatted collar
          Keep an eye on my page, this year there is more to come and few new trials for me.


Tatted Kurta

           Hello, here is one more tatted edge around neckline of a kurta. Its been worked with Black Anchor tatting thread, tkt 40. 

               Its my first trial with bead tatting with this new shuttle, quite big to hold beads. Initially i had too much difficulty in working this, its not the pattern. Firstly, i thought, i chose a wrong thread size, which is very delicate and upon that its black, hard to visualize double stitch. With all these, i started with this new shuttle. 

            So, initially thought of giving up, but  no....... no...... i couldn't leave like that. It took around a month to finish. I went very very slowly, later got hold on it. Here is finish product.

Tatted edge

Tatted Kurta

Tatted kurta

Tatted kurta
                      Happy tatting !!!!!


Tatted Collar

               Hi, i am back with one more tatting project, its a " Tatted Collar ". I always had a preconceived notion earlier, that tatting is difficult, ' i can't do it '. From this year i started to learn tatting and now i am addicted to it. Before starting this project, I doubted should i start ? Will i able to complete ?. I simply got drooled with this pattern which made me go go........ you can do it or you should do it !!!!.

               This pattern is from " Madura Coats Anchor Needle and Thread Magazine ", Vol 6. No 2.
This tatted collar is been tatted with Anchor tatting thread, tkt 40. 

Tatted Collar

Tatted Collar

Tatted Collar
                  I blocked this project with mild starch powder spray making it fall in shape.  Happy Tatting !!!!! 



            Hello there, my new passion, its " TATTING". Few months back one of my friend gave me tatting shuttle, showed basic double knot. Well thats how i started, although long back when i was in my school days my Mother's friend tried to teach me tatting, but then i was not so interested. Today i am happy to share some of my basic tatted motif arranged on a black kurta.

                      My first little project is this cute little butterfly in yellow ocher.



Tatted flowers on Black Kurta

Tatted flowers on Black Kurta


Potli Bag

                  Hi everyone, i am back with a "Potli Bag". Fabric for this bag is black silk khadi, its a shirting material. With that i used few golden lace, beads to enhance, silk dori . Hope you all enjoy watching this bag.


Chikankari Kurta with Hathkati Jali

                  Hi, i am back with one more chikankari stitch. The most beautiful part of chikankari is its Jali work ( open work ). And very often confused with Drawn thread. Jali work is nothing but "Pulled thread work " where warp and weft threads are teased apart to make small holes which are held together with minute stitches. Jali work are inspired by old buildings window specially from Jaipur.

Chikankari Kurta with Hathkati
              Its a white kurta with simple motif, a circle worked with three different ways using chikankari stitches.  First the left circle, center portion Phanda stitch encircled with two lines of keel stitch. Second circle, again center portion with Phanda stitch encircled with Hathkati jali, encircled with keel. Third the last circle worked with Hool stitch ( eyelet) encircled with Kaj ( Buttonhole) and later with keel stitch ( Roman/Romanian).

Hathkati Jali work

                     Hathkati jali is a row of square holes specially worked on boarder, center of flowers, veins of a leaf.

Chikankari kurta
              Hathkati jali, to work this form of jali you will need a strong and long needle and a regular sewing thread preferably same color of fabric. Hathkati jali is said to be " Point de Paris " stitch. Draw two lines horizontally one after the other, start working from right side of upper line, tease apart ( two lines, parallel) fabric vertically as shown in picture 3, its approximately 4 to 5 threads as seen in picture 4. Now warp these four thread together tightly working from up to down. Come up, now see picture 8, start working next column same way. Teasing fabric, proper tension and holding with minute stitches is important aspect of Hathkati jali.

Hathkati stitch
Hathkati Jali
                   Happy Stitching !!!!


Gingham Lace with Rick Rack Caterpillar

                   Gingham Lace, it really fascinated me as embroidery done on checkered fabric. I always thought of merging rick rack with gingham, so here is " Simple place mate ".  Well its a " Wind Mill " with rick rack flowers and upon that i enjoyed working little " Caterpillar " with white and black rick rack.

Gingham Lace with Rick Rack Caterpillar

Rick Rack Caterpillar
Gingham Lace

Gingham Lace


Gopur Variation, one more Kutch Work Pattern

          Hi, here comes one more kutch work pattern, its a variation of " Gopur Kutch Pattern ". Quite big motif, looks complex at first sight, but serious its very simple and covers large area. You can the pattern here " Gopur Variation Kutch Pattern ".

           Below picture shows first step of foundation stitch. Observe small squares (yet to be worked ), these 26 squares are worked in next step of foundation stitch. 

Gopur Kutch Variation foundation stitch, Step 1

                    Second part of foundation stitch .

Gopur Kutch, foundation stitch, step 2
                      Same way filling ( interlacing foundation stitch ) worked in two steps. Below picture shows first step.

Gopur Kutch , filling part 1

                   Here comes finished " Gopur Kutch Pattern ", again each 26 squares has to be interlaced individually for second step of filling.

Gopur Kutch Pattern

               Hope you all enjoy working this pattern also. For any queries do leave a word. Happy Stitching !!!


Kutch Work Pattern

          Hi, here comes two more Kutch work patterns, again its inspired by " Karnatak Kasuthi " patterns, its called kutch square and border. Hope you all enjoy these patterns too. You can get these patterns Kutch Square and Kutch Border.

Kutch Square

 Kutch Border
                Happy Stitching !!!!!!