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Ahir Embroidery of Kutch, Gujarat

Ahir Embroidery of Kutch, Gujarat was practiced by a group of Ahirs who migrated from Mathura with Lord Krishna and later settled down in North Western part of  Gujarat including Kutch. Embroidery researchers believe that this embroidery is at least 500 years old.

           Ahirs were inspired by nature which reflects in their embroidery. Like Sachu phool ( real flower), Zad ( tree), Sedh phool, Mor (peacock), Tunaro Phool, Chatoodiya phool, human figures, Deities like Lord Ganesh and Lord Krishna which formed their spiritual motifs.

                      A circular motif created using mirrors was known as " Dhungo".

                       Ahirs firstly, "Aarekhani", ie., they draw the pattern using Geru stone from river shore or Golaado leaves with which traditional ink is prepared. Then outline of motif is worked using "Saankdi" (open chain stitch), later filling is done using " Vanno" ( herringbone stitch) and lastly highlighters are a…