Sep 3, 2013


             Chikankari embroidery also know as lucknowi embroidery / shadow work / Indian white work. There is so much ... much to talk about " Chikankari ". According to history chikankari was in boom in 18th , 19th century. Authentic chikankari done on muslin cloth is so delicate and its richness of work is unbeatable.

amateur chikankari work
  Chikankari means, not just herringbone stitch done from back side, its much more than that. Initially , long back when i started to learn chikankari i too thought its just herringbone stitch.

                Spreading some light on this , chikankari is combination of,  lots of basic stitches. Apart from this authentic chikankari has minute applique work, mukaish/ badla work , jali work and little bit of  kamdani .  When all these combined together , i would say its perfect "Lucknowi" embroidery.

Not pakka chikankari
                         As my search for authentic chikankari began, i was kind of  sad, i couldn't find most of the information through net. This was one of  the reason to start this blog and share my knowledge and to gain some from you all.  In my upcoming post , will talk in detail and some samples of chikankari embroidery. 

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