Oct 25, 2013

Kutch Ratha Design Part 1

                     Lets start with "Ratha design " tutorial. Its like advanced design, quite big one. But don't worry, one who masters with  lesson 1lesson 2lesson 3 and lesson 4 can easily do it.  So before starting this tutorial, please get the print out of  Ratha design, base stitch design instruction part 1 and 2. Always have this printout beside you. Click here for design " Ratha Design ". While printing reduce design to 50%, ie if you are taking printout in A4 size paper, design should fit half of page or two ratha designs in one page.

Ratha Design Kutch

                        First copy the above design on fabric. I usually take two strands of thread and i use crewel needle 7 or 8. Lets start with base stitch. In this design i have divided base stitch in two parts.

Part 1 of base stitch instruction, Ratha design

                      Observe above picture, know how to read it.   Numbering  in above picture shows the correct path to be followed. And if you observe i have marked arrow sign ( orange colour), where ever you find orange arrow mark ( intersection point of two threads ), at this point needle should pass under the thread.

                      Since this is big design, picturing each step was not easy, so recorded video . But unfortunately my camera format din't support playback properly when i transferred to my laptop. Right now facing lot of technical problem. I am not able to upload the video. I am extremely sorry for this.

                But if you can read and follow properly Part 1 chart , video won't be necessary. Some how i have few initial steps pictures to share with you, have a look.

               Come out point 1, then pick 4-5 thread of cloth at point 2 as shown in pic, where thread is below the needle.

Base stitch part 1

Base stitch part 1

                            Now travel to point 3 picking 4-5 threads of cloth, thread being under the needle. Repeat same for point 4 and 5.

Base stitch part 1

Base stitch part 1

                   Before travelling from point 5 to 6, needle passes under the thread as shown in picture.

Base stitch part 1

                    Follow the base stitch part 1 chart and try to complete part 1 of base stitch.

                              After finishing with first part of base stitch, it will look like this, click on image for closer view.

part 1 of base stitch, Ratha design


                       Lets start with part 2 of  base stitch, observe the below picture

Part 2 base stitch instruction, Ratha design

                      As you can see, i have marked left out (base stitch part )design with orange color and numbered them. And you can also see green arrow mark indication needle to pass under the thread. So start from point 1, follow the numbers for correct path and green arrow mark for needle to go below the thread.

                      Observe carefully point 1 in part 2 base stitch chart, its intersection point of two threads and i have also marked cross on it where exactly at point 1 second part of base stitch should start.  Here carefully come out at point 1 ( under the base stitch thread ) without catching base stitch thread. This point is bit tricky, try to get it correctly. Follow rest of the chart for correct path.

                 Pay attention , observe below two pictures, it shows  how to finish part 2 base stitch. Needle should end exactly at the same point where you started at point 1.

Observe, how to end part 2 base stitch, Ratha design

                       Needle should pass under the black thread before ending at point 1.

Part 2 base stitch , Ratha design

                          Have a look at finished base stitch. Click on the image for better view.

Finished base stitch , Ratha design

                            After finishing base stitch, apply golden rule and check base stitch correctness. Golden rule is explained in my first  lesson 1.

                        And this is how back side of  base stitch look. By seeing backside one can guess whether base stitch done correctly or not. Backside of cloth also have lovely pattern, isn't it ?

Back view of base stitch, Ratha design

                 Watch out for filling steps of Ratha design in my next tutorial.   If you have any problem or confusion in working this design you can always leave a comment, i would love to help you out. Happy stitching.  

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  1. great work. I also like to create kutch work motifs. this is beautiful design. the idea of numbering the sequence is a good one.
    Thank you,


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