Sep 29, 2014

Grapes and Butterfly Crewel Work

          Hi, its been quite long time blogging !!!   Well here is my first " Stitch Along on Grapes and Butterfly Crewel Work (GBCW) " .  I have tried to keep it simple, hope you all enjoy working it !!!

Grapes and Butterfly Crewel work

        You can get this pattern here " Grapes and Butterfly Crewel work ".

  Fabric, Needle and Thread :

       For this project i have used ' Kora ' fabric, you can use any cotton cloth with fine weaving or linen. Threads are Anchor threads and crewel needle 8 or 9 is suitable.

      Lets begin working butterfly. The center portion of Butterfly is worked with ' raised stem stitch ' , its blue color - no 170 ( anchor threads ). Both base stitch ( horizontal line) and stem stitch is worked using 3 strands of  anchor thread ( shade no 170 ).

Working center portion of Butterfly

            Before working wings of Butterfly, add guild lines to work ' Trellis stitch or Jacobean couching ' 
Spacing between parallel lines is less than half centimeter or 4mm.

Add guild lines to wings 

             Work horizontal and vertical lines over the wings of Butterfly using shade no 189 and 3 strands of thread.

Wing of Butterfly

Wing of Butterfly

           Work cross stitch on intersecting points ( horizontal and vertical lines ).

Butterfly Crewel work

                Cross stitch is worked with shade no 401 (grey color) with 2 strands of thread.

Butterfly Crewel work

              Have a look at ' Trellis stitch or Jacobean couching ' on wings of Butterfly.

Tent stitch on Butterfly wings

                      Keep watching, more to come on ' Butterfly ' !!! Happy stitching. 

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