Oct 8, 2013

Kutch Lesson 3

                  Hi, we finished with first two lessons ie Lesson 1 and lesson 2, basic single diamond and continued diamond kutch work. In this tutorial we will learn "single extension kutch".

Single extension kutch

                 First drawn seven diamond, then leaving first diamond alternately draw one diamond over the base diamond as shown in above picture.

                     So lets start with base stitch,

Base Stitch Instruction

                        Click on the image for better view.

                    Observe the finished base stitch picture above. Apply golden rule for each diamond and check its correctness before you start with filling stitch.

                       Lets start with filling stitch,

Filling Instruction

                      Finished single extension kutch ,

Single extension Kutch work

                        After trying this successfully, do try double extension ie instead of drawing single diamond over base diamond, as we did in this tutorial draw two diamonds. Try it, all the best.

Kutch with double extension


  1. Thanks for the detail information on how to stitch this, but where do i get these designs from .

    1. usually i just draw it, will soon post these designs, which will definitely help many beginners.


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