Dec 11, 2013

Kutch Work Pyramid

   One more kutch work tutorial, i call this design as " Pyramid ".  This one is done using Herringbone stitch.

Pyramid Kutch work

                   Transfer the design on fabric. You can get design here. Adjust design size according to your requirement.

Pyramid Kutch design

                     Following below instruction chart, start with base stitch at point 1. Here in pyramid design both base stitch and filling stitch is worked in 2 parts. Areas highlighted with green and pink color comes under part 2 of base and filling stitch. Numbering and lines shows path to be followed and orange arrow mark shows intersection of two lines where needle should pass under the thread.

Pyramid kutch instruction chart

                Commence at point 1 as shown in below picture.

Pyramid kutch base stitch

               Follow below two collages, try to complete base stitch.

1 Pyramid kutch base stitch

2 Pyramid kutch base stitch 
                       Part 1 base stitch is worked with light brown color thread and part 2 base stitch is worked with dark brown color thread.

                      In above collage, last four pictures shows part 2 base stitch, observe carefully and work. Starts at point 'a' and ends at 'h'. Work in same manner with rest of left part of base stitch design.

Pyramid kutch base stitch

Finished base stitch, Pyramid kutch

                  Once done with base stitch, lets start with filling part of pyramid design.

Filling of pyramid kutch
                     Start at point 1 as shown in above picture. Follow below three collage and complete filling part of pyramid design.

1 Filling of pyramid kutch
2 Filling of pyramid kutch

                            Observe in below collage, from third picture, Part 2 of filling stitch instruction is shown.
Observe below pictures and complete with part 2 filling of pyramid design.

3 Filling of pyramid kutch

Pyramid Kutch Work

                         Application of this design, as you can see its obvious to be used as borders, or work single pyramid as motifs. Or work two pyramids, its base facing each other, giving effect of diamond. Or work two pyramids, top of pyramid facing each other creating a new design. Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, if so drop a line and share your opinion. 

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