Dec 6, 2013

Kutch work / Interlaced Herringbone

                       In my earlier post, i talked about kutch work using herringbone stitch as base stitch. Well today lets learn this method of kutch work.

Kutch work using Herringbone stitch

                     First trace design on fabric as shown in below picture. Download PDF of this design.

Kutch work design

                   Now start at point 1. Follow instruction chart (PDF design), Numbering and lines suggest the path to be followed and arrow mark (orange colour) shows intersection of two threads where needle should pass under thread. Always know golden rule of kutch work .

Kutch work

                        Follow instruction chart and below collage to complete base stitch

Kutch work 1

Kutch work 2

                     Note : Below collage, first picture, observe last three diamonds, the middle diamond, please rectify this mistake while working, here i have passed needle under thread where as its left and right diamond is correctly done.!!!!!!!!!!

Kutch work 3

Kutch work 4

kutch work 5

Complete base stitch

                 Click on the image for better view, closely observe "complete base stitch" picture and check correctness of base stitch by applying golden rule of kutch work.

                           If you observe backside of fabric, pattern is exactly like the design we traced in front of fabric. This shows the correctness of worked base stitch using herringbone stitch.

Backside of Fabric

                 For filling stitch tutorial check part 2 of kutch work / Interlaced herringbone.


  1. Hi preethi. Absolutely love your work. I'm a member of stitch fingers too. I'm an avid embroider. Mostly into cross stitch. I always wanted to learn kutch work and crewel embroidery. I'm from bangalore .my email I'd is Please let me know if you are willing to teach. Would be great.


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