Oct 6, 2013

Kutch Lesson 2

                 Lesson 1  we learnt single diamond and pentagon. In lesson 2 we shall learn continued diamond.

Draw Diamond 
                      Here i have drawn 7 diamonds, you can draw how much ever you want.

                       Bring needle at point 1, base stitch is almost same as in single diamond, only little attention needed while transition ie when moving from one diamond to another.

                 Now bring needle above point 2 and take 3-4 threads of cloth at point 2.

                  Pay attention, bring needle at point 3 taking 3-4 threads of cloth below point 3. Later, take needle under the black thread as shown in picture. Continue in the same way till end.

                               Now observe two needles ( above picture) each pointing at point 2 and 3, here both the ends are above the thread. Don't get confused, here also Golden rule gets applied. Here, only half of base stitch is done, when rest of base stitch is done golden rule gets applied. Same way if you observe point 3 and 4, both the ends of  thread are below the thread. Summarizing,  points 2-3, 4-5, 6-7  , at these point both ends of thread will be above , where as points 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, at these points both ends of thread will be below.

                    Now observe at point 9, i have ended thread. Thats because to change colour of thread which helps in better explanation .   You can continue with same colour.

                    Take out the needle at point 9 (outside)

                 Pick 3-4 threads of cloth below point 10 and come out exactly at point 10, observe thread is below the needle.

                Bring needle below base stitch as shown in picture ( black colored thread)

                    Pick 3-4 threads of cloth above point 11 and come out exactly at point 11.

                     Take needle below the thread as shown in picture.

                     Observe pink thread goes above black thread. Now pick 3-4 threads of cloth below the point 12 and come out exactly at point 12 with thread below the needle.

                          Finish rest of diamonds in same way. Pay attention while ending.

                   Observe each point carefully. Now apply the golden rule " If one end of thread is above the thread the other end is below the thread".

                     Lets start with filling stitch.

                     Bring the needle below point 1 as shown in picture.

                  Take needle under point 2, as shown in picture

                       Again needle goes under base stitch.

                  Observe above picture, its transition time, needle goes under base stitch ( black thread).

                      Repeat same for rest of diamonds until last diamond.

                 Observe above picture, needle goes under pink thread, then over first purple thread and below second purple thread.

                       Again moving from one diamond to other, needle goes under pink thread below point 11.

                    End exactly at same point where we started filling stitch.

                   Now observe filling stitch, apply golden rule and check each diamond filling for its correctness.

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