Feb 19, 2014

Buttonhole Twist

         My previous post on Rose mania, i had worked Buttonhole stitch with raised effect at the center of  design.

Raised Buttonhole

               Well here is its tutorial.

Padding instruction with Buttonhole stitch

                        Take felt cloth, cut a circle ( required size).          Stitch it to base fabric leaving little space un-stitched for stuffing. Stuff some gauze with the help of a tooth pick and stitch remaining part to base fabric. Now start working Buttonhole stitch around the circle. Once finished with first row of buttonhole stitch, then from second row (of circle) start working buttonhole stitch picking each loop, without catching below felt cloth. After finishing 3 to 4 rows of buttonhole, from next row pick every alternate loop and later, the next row pick each loop. End at center, taking back working thread to backside of fabric and knot it.

Detached Chain with Bullion stitch

                Once buttonhole stitch is worked on padded felt cloth, lets start with detached chain with Bullion stitch. Commence at center, work a chain (loop) piercing felt cloth, while ending detached chain stitch, try to end at edge of circle without pulling whole thread ( leaving working thread freely on top ) as shown in picture. Come back again at chain loop without pulling needle out of fabric. Now work bullion stitch, warp working thread 10 to 15 times to needle and very gently pull out needle and end at edge of circle as shown in picture.  Once detached chain with bullion stitch is complete, center gap can be filled with a french knot.

Buttonhole stitch, Pistil stitch, Chain with bullion stitch 

                    Try working with oval. Here in above picture, oval is worked in same manner, top is worked with pistil stitch and detached chain edging.

Feb 18, 2014

Roses, Rose Mania !!!

                 Roses Roses and many more Roses....... Yep, this post is all about various ways to work a rose.    There are many ways to work a rose like Raised cup, Bullion Rose, rose using chain stitch or stem stitch etc. Well in this project i have worked " Banksia Rose, Rambler Rose, Woven Rose and Rose using stem stitch ".                  

Rose works

Rose Work

Rose Work

                   Have a look at below collage, Woven rose ( spider's web filling) instruction

Woven Rose
                          To start with first work a fly stitch, then work two straight stitch or go around fly stitch as shown in picture. Now start weaving over and under these spokes, starting at center. I usually prefer first two weaving bit firm weave and later weave freely. Here i have used two shades of green color, after 5 to 6 warps around spokes, you can change color to give better effect.

             Banksia Rose instruction

Banksia Rose
                       Banksia rose, work three small loops very close to each other and secure these loops with a small back stitch ( to end ). Now work five small loops around the initial bud (loops), where loops fall on bud and hold petals. Same way work two more round of loops or to achieve your desired size of rose. Here also for each round of loops you can use different shades of same color for better effect.

         Rambler Rose instruction

Rambler Rose
                     Rambler rose, work three small loops and secure it with a back stitch as in banksia rose. Now work stem stitch around this bud as shown in picture.

            Rose using stem stitch

Rose using Stem stitch
                          Rose using stem stitch, work a straight (horizontal) stitch, then go upwards as if working a cross stitch. Go under left side of straight stitch without catching fabric, later again go under right side of straight stitch where working thread being under the needle and end at right side corner. Come out at center of upper part of two legs, now start working stem stitch without piercing fabric but just going under each leg ( four corners). Work 3 to 4 rounds.

Rose work

                     For center raised effect flower worked with buttonhole stitch , check out its instruction Buttonhole twist.

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