Jun 25, 2015

Tatted Collar

               Hi, i am back with one more tatting project, its a " Tatted Collar ". I always had a preconceived notion earlier, that tatting is difficult, ' i can't do it '. From this year i started to learn tatting and now i am addicted to it. Before starting this project, I doubted should i start ? Will i able to complete ?. I simply got drooled with this pattern which made me go go........ you can do it or you should do it !!!!.

               This pattern is from " Madura Coats Anchor Needle and Thread Magazine ", Vol 6. No 2.
This tatted collar is been tatted with Anchor tatting thread, tkt 40. 

Tatted Collar

Tatted Collar

Tatted Collar
                  I blocked this project with mild starch powder spray making it fall in shape.  Happy Tatting !!!!! 


  1. Vow, beautiful collar. I tried my hands in tatting and failed. R u doing with tatting shuttle or needle? Any specific tutorials from which u have learned?

    1. Thank you Shami, its shuttle tatting, yes initially i too had difficulty in learning. I followed two web site to learn tatting https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=frivolite-tatting+lessons, this is the best to learn for various techniques in tatting. http://www.tattedtreasures.com/tutorials/ this one for beginner.


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