Dec 5, 2014

Gopur Variation, one more Kutch Work Pattern

          Hi, here comes one more kutch work pattern, its a variation of " Gopur Kutch Pattern ". Quite big motif, looks complex at first sight, but serious its very simple and covers large area. You can the pattern here " Gopur Variation Kutch Pattern ".

           Below picture shows first step of foundation stitch. Observe small squares (yet to be worked ), these 26 squares are worked in next step of foundation stitch. 

Gopur Kutch Variation foundation stitch, Step 1

                    Second part of foundation stitch .

Gopur Kutch, foundation stitch, step 2
                      Same way filling ( interlacing foundation stitch ) worked in two steps. Below picture shows first step.

Gopur Kutch , filling part 1

                   Here comes finished " Gopur Kutch Pattern ", again each 26 squares has to be interlaced individually for second step of filling.

Gopur Kutch Pattern

               Hope you all enjoy working this pattern also. For any queries do leave a word. Happy Stitching !!!

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