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Grapes and Butterfly Crewel Work

Hi, its been quite long time blogging !!!   Well here is my first " Stitch Along on Grapes and Butterfly Crewel Work (GBCW) " .  I have tried to keep it simple, hope you all enjoy working it !!!

        You can get this pattern here " Grapes and Butterfly Crewel work ".

Fabric, Needle and Thread :

       For this project i have used ' Kora ' fabric, you can use any cotton cloth with fine weaving or linen. Threads are Anchor threads and crewel needle 8 or 9 is suitable.

      Lets begin working butterfly. The center portion of Butterfly is worked with ' raised stem stitch ' , its blue color - no 170 ( anchor threads ). Both base stitch ( horizontal line) and stem stitch is worked using 3 strands of  anchor thread ( shade no 170 ).

            Before working wings of Butterfly, add guild lines to work ' Trellis stitch or Jacobean couching ' 
Spacing between parallel lines is less than half centimeter or 4mm.

             Work horizon…