Aug 8, 2013

Kutch Work using open cretan

                This is going to be my first post . To start with India's one of  traditional embroidery          

                                                                 "KUTCH WORK" .
                Well i do kutch work in two method,
                    one is using " herringbone stitch" as base stitch (interlaced herringbone)
                    second one is using "open cretan stitch" .(interlaced open cretan)
                       In this post , will talk about kutch work  using "open cretan stitch" as base stitch. 


                 Kutch work done using open cretan stitch as base stitch gives very sharp, pointed, fine finish. I personally like this method for dresses, clutches, saree......


 Kutch work usually done with bright coloures gives rich look .

         I always thought of doing  kutch work with no filler stitch around, only pure kutch work . So here is my first experiment with design,

              This i got inspired by traditional embroidery "karnatak kashida", in which "gopur" design is famous.   So here is outcome of gopur design in kutch work. 

Gopur design in karnatak kashida

     In my next post , will talk about kutch work using herringbone as base stitch.

Your comments matters, 

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